Live Band or DJ?

You’ve probably heard some of your friends telling you which one is better – some of your friends have probably told you that it’s better to hire a live band (preferably the Mirage band, but no one’s forcing you, really), or there might have been some who told you it’s much better to hire a DJ. Well, here’s the thing, both sides probably come from very good arguments and so you might end up getting confused. So the Mirage band has decided to to compile the most common ones in the form of listing a number of pros (whether it’s a live band or a DJ). Now’s the time to stop getting distracted by that tech blog and contributing to cheap website traffic from free and unlimited – premium link generator; now’s the time to take your event plans seriously.

Pros of Having a Live Band

-ENERGY. Live music can energize the crowd and get them all pumped up, which then creates a more engaging atmosphere with lots of dancing.

-QUALITY. Sound quality does tend to be better with a live band than with a DJ or other recorded music

-EASY ADJUSTMENT. It’s customizable and can be tailored if something unexpected comes up, like if your guest of honor happens to be running late or your crowd is bored.

-THEMATIC. You can get more chances at really successfully delivering your theme right, because live music can really get the message  across, too.

Pros of Having a DJ

-CHEAPER. Admit it, live music can be much more expensive than hiring a DJ and putting together a playlist yourself

-SPACE-SAVING. Even those smaller acoustic bands take up a lot of space compared to a lone DJ. Also, volume and acoustics can also become an issue in small venues, as live music tends to be much louder.

-MORE VARIETY. With a DJ, there can be a better chance at having more genres covered compared to a band that only plays one genre.

-NO COMPLICATIONS. You see, live musicians, especially larger bands, can have a complicated set up. Now this can really be a problem if your event is running on a tight schedule or if you have less allowance on your allotted time.



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