How to Choose Your Wedding Playlist

You’re getting married in a few months and you’ve ticked off quite a number of things from your To Do List. You and your partner have both decided to hire a live band instead of just getting all the mp3s of all your favorite songs. But there’s still an unresolved matter: what do you include on your wedding playlist? The Mirage band has compiled a good set of to do’s when it comes to that, so instead of consulting the world wide web (where you might end up with some random tech blog out to look for website visitors), it’s good that you’re actually here instead.

To Do #1: Start Early

It’s good that you’re already thinking about this, and it’s still a good six months before your wedding. For playlists, dear friend, there is no such thing as ‘too early’. You’re going to need all that time just to narrow down a blissful six years you’ve spent with your partner into twenty or twenty-five songs. What you need to be doing early on is to talk things over with your partner, talk about what songs you both really like, what songs really speak to you as a couple.

To Do #2: Start With What You Know

One of the biggest mistakes one could ever make when it comes to making a playlist for your wedding is to outsource, immediately. Once you start asking for other people’s advice (meaning no longer just you and your partner), you get a terrible collection of songs which, most likely, you don’t even know. To prevent that from happening, try to contain the playlist-making-group to you and your partner first. Once you have a good list of non-negotiables, only then can you begin to solicit other people’s advice.

To Do #3: Start With Your Existing Collection

What are the songs you both like? Make sure that these songs are accessible, because if they’re too uncommon to the extent that you’re the only one who knows about them, it’s going to be difficult for your band to play it for you. Also, are there versions of the song that you’d prefer over others? It’s best if you get that involved in the playlist-making process.

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